What genres are wanted/not wanted by AJ

Hi guys and girls

I’m a new contributor to stock music (Been doing photos for some years https://www.shutterstock.com/g/UberImages )

I have some files accepted to other sites that are more “generic” or what word that best describes it. We have good success on Envato Elements with photos, so really would like to understand/get insight on Audio Jungle.

Is it correct understood, that AJ aren’t interested in the usual upbeat happy corporate for example?

And what about ambient music? Is that the same?

If anyone would like to spend a few minutes bombarding me with info on preferences and “not to” it would be much appreciated.

Stefan :slight_smile:

uh… what?

First thing you should do is having a listen to what gets accepted here. From your post, it is clear you have not :wink:

What doesn’t get accepted is dissonance, change of key,… Multiple tempo changes are frowned upon. Single instrument pieces are not accepted either.

Okay - I do need to check out new songs more.

I got the impression from reading blog post from other stock musicians.

Anyway - Thanks for your answer it helped.

Wrong. I’ve seen a couple of “Single instrument” pieces.
And they are quite nice.

I guess they make an exception for items that are especially nice ones. But as a rule, single instruments are not accepted, as you can see on this page:

Yes. You might be right.