What exactly is Audiojungle looking for?


Hear me out…

I’ve written songs in bands and solo for the past 10 years, I’ve had stuff in national television commercials ($20,000 deals), on cable shows, on network shows, on network promos, and for big companies in online ads. These were all done through other companies, not through Audiojungle / Envato.

However, I am still finding my way and I do think the future is on the web via sites like Audiojungle (and others, but I won’t mention them out of respect for Envato)

Here is my issue: Envato does not allow PRO, and yet their rejection-to-approval ratio seems to be extremely disproportionate. Not only for me, but for tons of other authors on here. The idea should be that music that is not PRO-registered should be great, but obviously authors on here will not be able to spend as much time on it as they would if they were writing for, say, a big PRO-allowing music library.

I had almost ten tracks so far rejected on here. My approval-to-rejection ratio is about 1 for every 7 songs (that’s TERRIBLE!)

My thought was to try to take the rejected tracks to other libraries and see what happens. Well, sure enough, these songs that “weren’t up to ‘commercial’ standards” for Envato did indeed get picked up for a US TV COMMERCIAL! (hard to not see the irony in that) Not only that, but two others were licensed in a new show for NBC coming in the Spring.

You can imagine my frustration as I obviously will see greater back-end from those as well thanks to PRO royalties, but also, why were they rejected from Audiojungle in the first place? There seems to be a disconnect, and while my confidence was restored with the other library taking on my rejected tracks with enthusiasm, there is a great opportunity here for Audiojungle that I think they are not taking advantage of.

So I will ask again - what the HECK is Audiojungle looking for when they decide to approve or reject a track?


The easiest (but least helpful) answer is to have a listen to recent top sellers, and assume Audiojungle is looking for more of the same. Not exactly an “Inspiring” answer, but that does indeed seem to be the case.

If you could post some of your rejected tracks to Soundcloud and share them here, I’m sure your fellow authors would be happy to offer their insights as to why they were rejected (or agree that they should have been accepted.)


it IS “inspiring” - look at top sellers.
For almost 6 month I notice one simple thing - there is dozen of dozens 99% similar by structure and instruments corporate/inspiring tracks and what makes me wonder - all of them are selling well.

Look at “featured” desk - 6 out of 11 tracks are Corporate/Motivational - it seems to be the only living genre over here.
OMG AJ has 20+ genres, and more than 50% of profit seems to be on ONE genre. Amazing!


It’s great to hear your music is doing well. I used to get disappointed when my work wasn’t well received, but we just have to keep going.