What exactly does "This comment is currently being reviewed." mean?



What exactly does “This comment is currently being reviewed.” mean?
I just got this on a very clear and concise comment I made on a developers product… it was a negative, yet very accurate description of my issues I had with them and their script and the lack of support for the product.
This developer has the exact same complaints about the script over the past year and without an unedited feedback system, Envato is supporting fraud and poor quality products.
I have found that most moderated content stays un moderated and eventually the comments get forgotten. Is this also how the moderation on this site works?


Hi, anybody can flag a comment as inapropiate and after that it is up to the moderators to examine if there is a valid reason for deletion. Although it might take some time, if your comments didn’t violate the Envato’s policy https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000472023-Guidelines-for-Listings-Profiles-Item-Comments-and-Ratings then it would appear again.

Best of luck.