What ecommerce can I use to have credit topup and deduction as a method of purchasing products ?



Hi all,

I would like to find out whether what ecommerce could I use to have the functions below,

  1. Top up credit / e wallet
  2. purchasing product with credit eg. item A worth 1 credit, item B worth 3 credit

I am looking for a multipurpose theme but I need to double confirm on this functionality on the ecommerce part

Hope to hear some advises from experts around here , thanks alot


You can contact me at pradeep.narava(Skype) or email me at pradeep.narava@brilliancetechsols.com
We need to customise the code for your requirement.



You can go for Magento it provide best features for eCommerce and payment gateways.



Go with Mangento or you can look for plugins . . . There might be some. :slight_smile:


I had drop you an email please check


Magento is a platform itself right, I couldn’t mix with wordpress theme am I right ?

Because I am currently very interested with a theme from wordpress and cant seem to find one that seems similar on magento


Magento does not have good themes like wordpress.


I couldn’t agreed more


Ok, You can go with Woo Commerce or OS commerce that provide customize theme options, You can use your theme with Woo Commerce or OS commerce that will also a good option.

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