What does this music make you imagine?

Hey all!

I’ve been writing for quite some time, joined in only recently :grinning:
A game I play with my friends when I write a new track is always “Hear this track, tell me what it makes you think of”.

Usually when they imagine something similar to what I have gives me a confirmation that the track actually was successful in what I meant it for.

What do you think of this? What does it make you think of? Be descriptive if you can! :slight_smile:
And also leave one of your tracks below, I’d love to do the same for your music if you have a narrative score.
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Nice track, the arrangement provides interesting dynamics that would be suitable for it’s intended purpose. There is some suspense and dramatic segues within the piece that allows the composition to flow quite well.

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I think your track is the very definition of discovery and new horizons! :smiley:
The subtle sounds at the beginnind and end make me think of something in the process of growing and expanding. Referring to your tag #timelapse, I think that’s very appropriate; the string runs also speak fo that. The gliding sounds throughout it definitely bring it high up in the atmosphere.
So what mostly comes into my mind is:

  • space, in particular the sunrise
  • shots from the ground following the drone flying (some blurred first plan, maybe some animal or person watching it) while it turns to avoid mountain peaks
  • low altitude fast passes in first person

The climax at 1:50 is awesome!
Definitely boosts visual elements, I can’t help thinking of the drone chase in Interstellar :smiley:

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Nice idea! I’ll have a go.
Aside from the title, which describes the track well, it also took me on a geographic journey, starting in Ancient Rome, then moving briefly to the North African coast, then on to Persia and finally to a Nordic land.
I’m a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls video games and the music was reminiscent of that franchise. Especially at the end.

Most of my tracks are written by long-time dead folk! But here is one of the few that I did write:

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For me, this began in nature, near to some water, but somewhere green and lush, then the strings arrived and lifted it skyward. The voice could be the voice of the wind (but not a fell voice like Saruman’s!) At the point of the string runs it has taken us through the clouds and the canopy of white is below and the blazing sun is above. Then suddenly, the daydream comes to an end and I’m back with nature again, albeit slightly changed for the experience.

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This reminds me of two things.
The fast part reminds me of Dario Marianelli and Pride and Prejudice, two lovers trying to find each other running with a dark and foggy landscape.
The slow part does remind me of Skyrim and of wandering adventurers meeting at the gates of Whiterun, haha! And of course, the chickens. It would not be Skyrim without the chickens.
The piano harmonies are amazing, on spot.

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