What does this mean on the free file of the month rule list?

This may include our regular month-long “Free File of the Month” promotions, or other initiatives run by the Envato Marketing team.


It’s some kind of puzzle.

Put back in context it means that by submitting your files you are giving permission for them to be included in either

  1. the month-long free file promos

OR also

  1. other promotions which the team run (these vary but can include discounts, email promos etc.)

Hi @ChewiScripts! Envato Marketing is now running several different promotions, with more on the way.

The most familiar of these is the “Free File of the Month” one (i.e. one file per marketplace, displayed on the front page of all seven marketplaces). Historically, that’s the only thing that the regular Free File nomination threads have been used for. Those are a fairly typical starting point for customers who are brand new to Envato - they test things out by downloading a free item or two, and then consider whether to make some purchases. The monthly list is also sent out via email to all new customers when they activate their accounts.

Over the last three months, the Email team has been testing out shorter duration events (“Friday Freebies” etc), typically involving files matching a specific theme, and made available for 7 days. Those are sent to specific list segments - for example, a CodeCanyon freebie campaign might be sent out only to customers who’ve expressed an interest in CC items via purchase history or selecting CC as an interest when they signed up, and who haven’t purchased anything recently.

Other potential uses might include a campaign with a dedicated landing page (like this one for GraphicRiver, though that example was a discount rather than a free item promotion). We’ve tried to make the nomination thread as flexible as possible in terms of potential end uses.

The one thing that it doesn’t cover are discount-based campaigns - due to pricing regulations, any items for those sorts of promotions need to be sourced via a separate process to the free-item promotions.

From an author’s perspective, it’s about making it as easy as possible to nominate an item that you’d like to offer for any type of free promotion within that period. The most direct benefits of doing so are higher traffic to the item (potentially triggering a Trending badge for that item), with flow-on exposure for your Profile and Portfolio pages. Many people also update their item descriptions during the promotion period, making sure that these also showcase some of their other items.

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