What does this mean exactly?

“The sounds or tracks need to be separated in the zip, as not all buyers have immediate access to audio editing software”. I put in a .zip folder the main folder within other two ones called Mp3 and Wave, so the buyer can chose the audio format, what I need to change? Here an example:

File Name.zip » File name (Folder) » Mp3 + Wave (Separated Folders) within the formats.

You need one audio file per track or per sound.

So you’ve got one folder with a bunch of individual sound files in wav format… and you’ve got one folder with a bunch of individual sound files in mp3 format, and you’ve zipped that all up into one zip file? If that’s the case then it all sounds correct.


If I understand correctly, it sounds like you have files in different folders within your ZIP file. I tried that with my first submission but learned from support that the ZIP file must be a flat file. That is, all files must exist at a single level in the ZIP; no subfolders etc. Hope this addresses the topic.


I have items with subfolders, never had any issue with this. Also, it wouldn’t explain why reviewer warned about buyers not having access to audio editing software.

@AudioBlend, are you sure you don’t have a file that comprise more than one sound? Or maybe one sound that the reviewer could have taken for two sounds?

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So, @MidnightSnap was probably right then, my bad!
Glad you could resolve your issue :slight_smile: