What does the main file contain?

Hi Friend …
This is the first time i am uploading my HTML template in themeforest … All pictures i used are free … My question is that What does the main file contain? Should I remove pictures from orginal Zip file that I will upload ? All pictures are in Demo and they are free to use

Main file contain mean your main file(which file received purchaser) & documentation together as a zip file.
you can use free image in your item but you are not able to provide that image in your mail file you have to use placeholder image.

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Thanks alot
You mean that i should remove all free images from main Zip file ?

yes you have to create all demo image to placeholder image you can do that from this link just upload and download & replace in your client file

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Can i use empty boxes for images instead of upload imagaes in this link ?

Here is a demo image

your item all images replace like that placeholder image that are create from that link
This image only use in your client folder.

This is easy process or if you want to create empty box you can.
I don’t know is there any issue or not. but the placeholder image is safe for you.



In your themeforest upload you can use placeholder images but in your preview demo please use your original free/commercial use images. If you want ti use empty box then you have to write extra css for designing the box. So I think you can avoid this plan.


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Hi friend
Can i use my free images in both preview and main zip file ? because all my pics are free to use and i selected the button in the below pic

no you are not able to use your free images in themeforest client file.

still have any question then open a Envato Help ticket.
Envato Market Author Help Center:
they would like to assist you.

no please don’t use images just use placeholder otherwise you will get soft reject and a possibility to get hard reject. so, please go with placeholder. don’t make it complex, makke easy to go. thanks