What does rejection due to (lack of) "production standard" mean ? only mixing stage ?

Hi everyone, I just got my third submission to audioj rejected and here is what email says :

“After some consideration, it has been decided that this submission does not meet our commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately”

my question is, does it mean that the “mixing and mastering stage” is the only problem ? or the arrangement could also be the problem?
any feedback on the track would be very appreciated, I really can’t seem to find the problem
thank you all
There is the soundcloud link to my preview track ( all versions included )

Hi friend,
It’s about your mixing. The bass too heavy in my speaker.
It’s sound a little like tropical track. You can listen to some stuffs of Kygo, or some playlists on youtube.
You music is good. Hope you get better track soon.

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thank you very much for the time you took to listen to my track , It really helped.
So basically by stating “production standards” they mean “mix and mastering” and not the arrangement?
If so does it mean that I can mix the track again, improving it and submit it again ?
tnx again

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