What does it take for my theme to be WPML Compatible?


What is the minimum a theme developer should know and apply about WPML compatibility?

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All you need is to make sure you have used proper functions to translate your theme and then apply for a wpml review (Go Global Program)

@ https://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/go-global-program/

and the just sit and wait for them to reply. if they reply. please do share your theme .:slight_smile: thats it. rest most will be taken care by WPML Team


Thank you,

Using proper functions is already an obligation to be accepted by Themeforest, so I guess there’s nothing special extra to do to be accepted as validated.

I think Themeforest team should already introduce whole marketplace as “WPML ready”.


I already submitted my theme 3 days ago (Go Global Program) but they still didn’t reply. How long usually you have to wait?



It will take about 15days - 2months fro them to reply. but it depends . :slight_smile: they are like envato but the deal only with wpml :stuck_out_tongue:

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