What does it mean?

Hello, I recently submitted a Wedding Invitation Set and was rejected. This is what the reviewer said:

Only three variations of the same source material or central concept are permitted. In this case: https://graphicriver.net/item/floral-wedding-invitation-set/22196504 Authors with multiple variations may wish to package items into file packs. Please see our File Packs: GraphicRiver article for more details.

Here’s what I submitted:

I understand what the reviewer said, but I don’t want to make a file package. Do you think that if I change the layout it could get approved or should I move on? I really like designing wedding invitations, so what should I do?

Thanks for answering

Add each item separately - after all of them are approved for sale you can make “bundle” or “pack” with those items and you have to put links to each item in the description. This is what I learned about bundles on GR from reviewer. I tried to add bundle first but I was told I need to upload each one separately and at the end I can make bundle.

PS. After items are approved your bundle will be approved 100%.

as for i could understand, that means that they will not allow u to have more than 3 different formats of the same design unless u try to make a bundle out of them

@novocaina Thanks for the tips :wink:
@n2n44 Thanks, as always. But does it mean I can no longer submit invitations? I’m confused about that, maybe I should contact them?

hi sorry for teh delay, no of course not but u cannot make tons of declinations of the same design … just three now … or u have to make a bundle if u want to do more , at least this is what i understood indeed :slight_smile:

Aah, okay I’ll try to do that. I kinda understand them, it would be hard for sales to have the same layout without variations.

@n2n44 @EliteVision

I will tell what I learned. Long time ago I wanted to upload bundle - Trifold menu + Bifold menu + business card. All of those item was new, never been on the market. When I uploaded them I got information like: “your items need to be approved on the market separately before you make bundle”

:slight_smile: first try to upload each one as single design, after they got approved rest is just formal.

and this is period.


If I upload 10 poor quality items on the market and they get approved, I can make bundle with them and reviewer can’t reject this bundle ( he can If I break the bundle rules - see GR help for this - but if I keep the rules he can’t).

try it, see for yourself :slight_smile:

Yeah like, they can’t reject a bundle of items that were approved, so I will do that from now on :slight_smile: Thanks for the tips :wink:

LOL u can dream on buddy , in my case they could manage the incredible feat of hard rejecting some items that had been accepted in one format and hard rejected exactly the same in other formats … as incredible and incoherent as it looks, this is what happened, so anything can happen and u can expect it all lol

in addition, bundles are not a solution … they basically mean that either u earnt so much money with an item that u can afford accepting less on every sale or that your design is kind of overpriced in a general way and that u finally give it to a more affordable price (more in keeping with its true value) … think about it , u will give 2 or 3 items for the price of one … and i am not even mentioning that this system of bundles is helping some pirate sites into cheating u

basically u are right but as i explained to @Elitevision, sometimes reality is different lol
plus, if he does so, this basically means, according to what i could understand that he will not be able to submit more than three formats with the same design, in other words, he may not be able to add al the formats that he created …