What does it Indicates me???

I’m new to submitting Music Category.But recently my Uploaded track was rejected and the said that This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately I want to know what does it indicates me ???

N.B: There is no problems in recording/mixing/mastering/composition/arrangement.So want to know my other Author Mates please specify my problems. Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

This is a fixed mail that envato reviewers are sending when they reject your item. If there was a problem with the mix or with the intro or ending of the song, they would probably “soft rejected” the item and you would find it to your “hidden items” tab with a personal mail from the reviewer telling you what to fix.
I guess this is your first rejection, don’t take it personally, it happens to all of us.
Good luck with your upcoming uploads!

Thanks Mate for interacting with my post :slight_smile:

but i want to know general commercial quality standard what does it means ???

In my track they didn’t say about recording/mixing/mastering/composition/arrangement what does they want from me???

Please See the Image Below

It means they don’t think your track will sell on Audiojungle. It could still be a good track and well produced, maybe you could post your track here? Then it would be easier to give you feedback.


Corporate category is over-saturated, so uploaded tracks to that category have to be the-uber-best-quality. What does it mean? It means that reviewers are or have to be focused on few parameters (not only sound/mix/master, but also type of arrangement, type of melodies and instruments, etc.). And those parameters are still changing, because the market is changing, that’s why we don’t know how those parameters exactly look like.

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Thanks @RedOctopus and @Hyperprod for your kind attention :slight_smile: . I think this is the point… most probably [ not only the recording/mixing/mastering/composition/arrangement is the issue ] also the track will be better better and better :slight_smile:

So I have some question to you…

01 What You will suggest me to get Approved???

02 Where you get or find the inspiration to create Corporate Music

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  1. I like to create different types of music genres, you can try it either and check if they will be approved.

  2. Actually now I very rarely do corpo so I can’t help (or maybe just listen to some AJ inspiration tracks, maybe they will inspire you hahaha :wink: :wink: :wink: )

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Thanks Mate, love your suggestion :slight_smile: :love_letter:

So Mate can you please give a suggestion for Electronic Category

Where I will get inspiration to approved my music :slight_smile:

You can check the electronic best sellers. For example listen to @boomopera he has a lot of great tracks :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Try world beat and fanfare orchestra theme for start. i always got sales every month from this categories.

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