What does envato elements actually include?

I have searched high and low for an actual list of what is actually included in envato elements. It’s not even in the fine print of the Licence agreement. Seems like a great deal(at least for buyers, not so much for authors.) Does it include, Themeforest, Codecanyon, VideoHive, Audiojungle, Graphicriver, Photodune, 3Docean. I know they cherry pick what goes into elements, but from which categories does it include? Can’t sign up until i know for sure.

Thanks in advance for a clear and concise answer. :o)


Thanks for the reply, charlie4282. I have actually already seen all the ads and I still was not clear about the content, hence the forum question. Sorry, i can be a bit dense at times.

So, my understanding now is that Envato Elements is a category unto itself that contains items from all the other envatomarket categories, yes?

And if that is true, is there a place i can tour Envato Elements to see if they have what i am looking for
before i commit to the monthly billing, or does one need to sign up first?

Thanks again

Not exactly - Elements is a subscription-based marketplace so there are some fundamental differences between buying from there and buying in the main marketplaces.

  • you don’t get support or updates for items from Elements like you do from the main marketplace

  • you need to have used any item while being subscribed to continue using it afterwards. e.g. you can;t download a web template then unsubscribe, then use it for a client project 6 months later.

  • there are some other changes coming specifically related to WordPress themes (only)

The link posted above takes you to previews of the actual files you can buy - did you not see that when clicking it?


No I don’t think so. I definitely never followed the link. That really helped me understand what content i could expect. Thank you. I have been waiting on a project that is must be output by tomorrow. And that will require me buying a few items so i really wanted to know if envatomarket had the same templates that are saved in my collections folder.

Thank you for your time,

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The majority of items would be classed as content normally available from the GraphicRiver marketplace, with some Themeforest elements when it comes to site and CMS templates. There’s currently nothing yet that would normally be classed as content available on VideoHive, AudioJungle, 3DOcean or PhotoDune.

The content and categories are increasing all the time though… photos and Wordpress items have already been announced, and it’s possible that audio/video may be included at some point in the future.

Thanks, SpaceStockFootage. That is exactly what i wanted to know! I had a feeling but wasn’t sure. I will keep an eye out for new arrivals, but until then i will go ahead and buy what i need from Videohive today.

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Does anyone know if the subscription includes t-shirts?

Hi @Rodmotzko! Elements has some T-shirt mockup templates, and T-shirt designs.

It won’t include every item from GraphicRiver, but I recommend searching on https://elements.envato.com/ to see if it has the sorts of items you’re looking for.

If you’re after T-shirt printing (and a simpler in-browser editing tool), you may want to check out Placeit - that will allow you to design a simple T-shirt logo, and order printed copies.

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Hi @BenLeong, this might be a silly question but I’ve been unsure about this. My Envato Elements Subscription and a PlaceIt Subscription are two separate things yes?

Meaning if I want both I will need to have two subscriptions?

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Hi @ABobbyT. Not a silly question at all!

Yes, PlaceIt and Elements are currently two separate products, each with their own subscriptions.

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I don’t think so

Thanks for the answer (:

So does it include all themes? or only ones they decide upon ?

It contains all themes in the elements marketplace https://elements.envato.com/wordpress

FYI you do not get support or updates in the same way that you do with regular purchases

Hey, i’m a bit confused, if i subscribe to Envato Elements, will i get everything from Audiojungle and Videohive included in the subscription? please answer with an opening of Yes/No then following the explanation, thank you

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It includes only items from https://elements.envato.com/

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