What does Envato actually do with its B-Corp status?

It seems like Envato made a big deal of becoming a certified B corporation. Envato announced in the press release that they’re committed to help in solving racial injustice towards Black people and other People of Color.

I looked through their public impact statement and it wasn’t apparent to me what they’re doing to address racism, it seemed like most of what was done is advertising the business.

For some random reason, they began that slideshow with what appears to be only the Mexican flag and a translation specifically in Spanish. “Mexican” is not a race nor ethnicity, it’s a nationality and many Latino and Hispanic groups don’t enjoy being carelessly conflated with each other. And, Envato is also based out of Australia, so I don’t know exactly why they have a particular focus on Mexico or Black people when Australia has major problems with discrimination towards Aboriginal people and Arabs. In Envato’s own forums, there is a section specifically for Russian speakers, but they did not appear to also include a link to a Russian translation in the slideshow.

Envato might occasionally invest in a random part of the world, but, is there any data that shows its effort is making an impact on closing the economic gap between authors and/or customers across varying races and ethnicities in it’s platform? Because alternatively, the new items those communities produced could end up being used to create higher end projects using resources that mostly only those with higher socioeconomic status have access to in the first place or to make those with a higher socioeconomic status an even larger return on their investment than any individual in that community.

It seems inconsistent and a bit too preemptive to brag about at this point, I can’t tell what Envato is actually doing.