What do you think...will this be accepted?

Hey all, just finished this and what to hear your opinions on it its always good to have another pair of eyes :smile:


Thank you appreciate it

P.S. its completely modular everything can be changed pretty easy…customer can use they own text pictures or even video.

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You video is very nice, I think that approved :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Nice work. If they do reject it then it will probably be due to having quite a few similar items, rather than it being of low quality. My only criticisms would be that it seems very long, although I’m sure it can be shortened. And I don’t think the end parts with the floor looks quite as good as the whole wall-based scenes.

Other than that, I’d definitely include a white and a black version, to increase the sales potential.

Good luck!

Hey Thank you for your time,

I wanted to give a customer options there are 40 placeholders each and every one are on their unique scene. so it means they can decide if they want to have all of them or just a few they dont have to go all the way with the duration of the animation.

By similar items you mean gallery in general cuz I didnt find a similar gallery to this one…they are all either filmed footages than tracked or they are animated but dont look that good thats why I decided to go and make a good looking animated gallery cuz I think those are rare on videohive.

Yeah about the black and white version I actually have that setup in one click it inverst it the wall is white/grey the frames are white the text is black. its not a different version its just an option in the project itself.

And about the floor parts maybe they need a little more love, wall has designed frames, clock, text a bunch of stuff, but the floor doesnt…I dont know will have to brainstorm it a bit :slight_smile: