What do you think will approve the track??

I think will be not approved:


  1. Problem with the mix
  2. Problem with master
  3. Problem with guitar sounds

What to do?

  1. You can try to use quality sounds for guitar
  2. Cut some freqs from the instruments and rearrange the mix
  3. Try to make a clear sound by mastering the track

Best Regards.

Thank You

Hey mate!

Very nice track, IMO! I think, though, the sound of the distorted guitar could risk its approval.

While all the instrumentation of the track is subtle, pretty well balanced and modern, the guitar sound is quite drowned in reverb and delay and has way too much distortion, which puts it quite out of context. Maybe you could go with a different guitar sound or even a different instrument, like a nice and warm bell-like synth.

Besides that, I would turn down a notch the tambourine and shaker at the second part, but that’s subjective.

Finally, maybe you could tighten the master a bit, trying to control the low-end, excite the highs and maximize the overall loudness a notch.

Anyways, wish you the best of luck!

agree with all… sound cleared… distorted guitars drowned too much in reverb… etc… well marked tempos…
and the start? I would try to start in a more subtle way… maybe a reversed instrument? piano (lol) or cymbals?
good luck!

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Yeah! Forgot about that, how can anyone be inspiring, motivating and positive without a reversed piano! Hahaha! :laughing:

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Thank You !:sunglasses: