What do you think of this theme? - I need your help

Hi guys
I designed a template and want to send it for review
I will be very happy to tell you about the design problems of the template before I send my product.

The template can be viewed at: https://kharidetalaei.com/vendad/

What do you think are the problems that experts may reject?

  • Personally I find the mixed languages really confusing (remember that primarily any demo needs to be in English so you need to address this)

  • Not a fan of the footer and navigation italic fonts

  • Footer could be improved (copy/paste widgets)

  • Pages like this feel unfinished and you are definitely going to need to have this in English

  • Pages like this feel empty and unfinished

Thank you for your time
I translated the template into English
Do you think there is no problem in terms of design?
Send to experts?

With respect no - I’m not a reviewer but personally I would say this is still way off the standards.

The points made above are not an exhaustive list - you need to know why you are making changes and reflect those throughout

If we see those superficially then inevitably there would be more if investing the time to check in detail.

The more rushed fixes are the more likely things will be missed and done too often will lead to an item being blocked

As things to look at (again not a precise list):

  • typography needs a lot of work esp the italic fonts look awful esp allover product pages and blog posts

  • using other authors thumbnails linking to other items as per the home page is cheeky

  • you need significantly more pages, post types, item layouts, and other premium features

  • several areas that could be improved on mobile

  • id almost suggest having a r2l and a l2r version

I’d suggest looking at popular themes and understand the attention to detail, versatility, etc.