What do you think of this production?

Hi, I’d like your opinion. What do you think of this production?

Thank you!


It’s lovely :slight_smile: I liked it)

Here are envato forum’s rules: https://forums.envato.com/tos
Here is one of the rules: «We follow a few hard rules. Please DON’T: Blatantly self-promote»
So please let’s respect each other!

With all due respect, I did not have the intention of advertising a product, just asking for my opinion about what I produced.

We want our authors and our customers to succeed on Envato, and we see the forums as being a key tool in helping them to do just that. To that end, we permit self promotion in a context where it is clearly providing value to both of these groups. Such contexts might include:

Please note that the decision as to whether or not your self promotion is providing value and context appropriate is ultimately at the discretion of the Moderators and Envato Staff. If they feel your post or topic violates these guidelines, they reserve the right to remove it.

Be more objective, show me which rule has been infringed!

Hey, it’s recently approved which means it’s good enough to be on AJ which isn’t that easy to do especially lately. But more importantly, it’s a great track. It’s original, different from standard tracks and it’s beautiful as well. Wish you many sales! :slight_smile:

Regarding the other user’s objection, I think “item-feedback” tag is mainly intended for the tracks which aren’t yet uploaded so that the author gets some help from the users and eventually gets his/her (are there any females here? :D) item approved. However, I think this thread doesn’t violate any rule.

Thanks for the response and the advice too. I do not want to break any rules, on the contrary, I want to contribute to Envato / Envato Community and present a very original segment.

It’s a nice track for sure. I don’t think this post is really in the spirit of providing value to both groups however.

One of the great things I found about this forum is the willingness of other successful authors to help newer composers who post tracks that they are planning on submitting or who have had tracks rejected. It’s one of the few places online where this kind of feedback actually exists.

This doesn’t fall into either category, as it’s already been approved. Sure we could still critique it, but with so many people unable to get accepted and needing real help, I don’t think it would be in the spirit of the forum and it could lead to a glut of people posting approved items under the guise of “looking for feedback”.

I think keeping it to people who are just starting out, are struggling with a new style, or needing feedback on a rejection is what makes this forum work unlike all the other “dead” song-writing and recording forums out there where it’s just people posting their own work looking for feedback and not offering in return.

Also, there is already a thread dedicated to recently approved tracks, I think that is where this belongs.

My friend, it’s called self-promote

Really, I did not want to do self-promotion, but how can I prove the intention of my heart, I can not!
Anyway, I’m starting to publish in Envato, I will withdraw the comment to avoid further interpretations.

Really, I did not want to do self-promotion, but how can I prove the intent of my heart, I can not!
Anyway, I’m starting to post in Envato, I’ll remove the comment to avoid further interpretations.
Thanks for the transparency!

Sorry for ignorance, how do I delete a post?

I don’t think it’s possible, just leave it as it is.

I just removed the link from the song, anyway, to avoid any misinterpretation I did that.