What do you think of this design? It was hard rejected today.

Thanks for checking out my design submission. It was hard rejected but I’m not giving up. I’ve reached out to the reviewer for more info and I would love to get some feedback form all of you as well. :slight_smile:

Dropbox links

Thank you.

It’s been approved :slight_smile:

Since this was a collaboration I had to fill out a special form and resubmit.

If you are collaborating with another author, please read:

This could help you.

I wonder why was it rejected in the first place. The design you sowed in the post looks really cool. Anyway, congrats for getting approved though. Also, did you get any reason for rejection?

I believe the main reason for the rejection was that it was a collaboration from an existing project on ThemeForest, Bellevue - A Hotel + Bed and Breakfast WordPress theme

Once I filled out the application for collaboration and got it approved by the author, it passed.

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Oh, I see.

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