What do you think of my track?


comment please :slight_smile:
Do you think it will be approved?

first of all it has like 2-3-4 seconds silence in the beginning = not good.
“go” vocal is totally not helping at all
overall sounds a lot random melodies, needs more coherence, like , you need to spend more time tro work to finish this song, like its temporary finished.
otherwise nice work!

don’t get me wrong, to me this sounds pretty nice but also pretty random, like preset melodies were used etc, and with that “go” vocal makes it worse, it needs some kind of nice story, imagine this as a book - story telling, you are almost there, you need to revise and delete some ugly parts and keep only the good ones, that make a story

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A 4 second delay was deliberately put. so i know.

I don’t know what you mean by “random melody.”

except this:
Thank you for your comment and criticism. :slight_smile:

Should I remove the “go” sound?


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I wouldn’t remove the “Go”, but replaced it with something more flashy from far away! And the main theme is too similar to Alan Walker, but it sounds dry! I would either completely go into another sound, so that there would be no associations, or mix one into one like Walker.

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Thanks bro. But I don’t understand your last sentence