What do you think of my next theme preview ?

Hi all :smiley:
I just did a theme last week but it seems that people don’t love it, and i respect this. Now i feel that too :sandal:
Here you go for the preview : responsivebb.pe.hu
What do you think on this first step ?
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Your screenshots a head taller than a existing theme responsivebb.pe.hu. But color scheme looks not finished, and this blue not combined with other colors. And ± toggler on blocks need redesign.
Happy working

Hi !
The one in responsivebb.pe.hu is the old theme :wink:
Thanks for the suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the new colors, I find it much nicer.

Hey, what do you think on this small update, colors are more combined i think, and the header is smaller.

P/S : don’t visit that link (res…pe.hu) cuz only me can access that theme with admin permissions, the login/register buttons are fake, they doesn’t mean i’m disconnected.

The red color is a little sore eyes, try a less dark red.

In the table or the background near the header ? (Or both)

In the header where he wrote there “Responsive BB - Demo”, it’s not embarrassing, it is in the forum that it hurts the eyes.

Changed from #EB122C to #D9001A :smiley: (more dark)
Will change the toggle - & + too

Massive improvement! It looks 100x better now. Well done :smiley:

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

My old submitted theme was rejected today.
I updated the website with the new one.
Please i need your opinions on this before submitting : responsivebb.pe.hu