What do you think of having 2 audio interfaces running (one for 'INs' and the other for 'OUT')

I currently use 2 audio interfaces, my thoughts being that it would ‘lighten the load’ although I might be wrong. I have no Idea, just some bro science…

What do you think, good Idea or try and stick to the one, here is what I have been using…not the latest stuff I know!

  • INs go through NRV 10 Firewire Mixer and AI
  • OUT through NI Rig Kontrol AI USB 2.0

nobody? I guess I will bump it just in case.

i’m on a mac and i’m not familiar with either interface. however, i would guess making the computer have to do separate computations to deal with 2 interfaces makes the cpu work harder. i use 2 interfaces for audio quality purposes, but i just have one (the apogee) chained into the apollo, not separately plugged into the computer, so the computer is only seeing the apollo.

thanks studiomonkey. Like the new avatar by the way

Thanks, glad you noticed!

Its better to spend some more money and buy a high end in and out interface. In my opinion sell them both and get am rme fireface.
I don’t use rme because i am in partnership with avid but i listened to fireface and its pretty good.

One scenario where 2 interfaces can make sense is maxing out your inputs/outputs, particularly if you have an older yet still decent soundcard that can act as a converter only. I am using the (excellent) RME babyface and have my older MOTU 2408 mkII hooked to it via optical cable which gives me another 8 I/O channels. The MOTU card is only acting as a A/D converter, it is not connected to the computer itself, so technically I am using only one ASIO soundcard in my system.

I have enough trouble with one running…

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cool thanks guys. Until I have the money what I have will do for now. I have moved things to work all on the NRV as a test, not as smooth…bit annoying but I like having the volume controls (rig control doesn’t have any on the hardware)