What do you think my song needs to be accepted

Here is my song that was rejected, some charitable soul that can help me with constructive opinions? Thank you very much in advance.


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The mix seems to be too undefinied to me, too much low end and drums are going under…

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Drums are always a ba$tard to mix, whether you record them live, use drums from a sample library, or a drum machine. It’s difficult sometimes to make them sit tight in the rhythm section without becoming too offensive, or, as I think is the case with your track, being too weak in the mix so that they sound unconnected to the rest of the track.

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that if you use an expensive drum library in Kontakt that you can just put the drum track down and it’ll be fine, but it doesn’t work that way. I find that the best way to work with sampled drums is to think of them in the same way as you would a recorded drum kit and mix them into your track accordingly using gated reverbs eq and compression on the individual drums.

The other issue I think is that the drums are hard quantised and sound computerised. Try loosening them up a bit. Also, the velocity of the midi notes sound a bit monotonous also. Some dynamic variation on the drum and hi hat hits would be good.

Many thanks