What do you think is the reason?

Hello everyone! I got a hard reject of my track. Please help me.
What do you think was the reason?

Thx for answers,
Have a nice day!)

Sounds great to me but I thought the delay on the right speaker was a bit out of time/distracting maybe…and the violin melody at the end could be improved. I’m no expert though. Good luck!

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Hi, the track is cool you did a good job and the quality is great.
I will tell you what I think personally, and try to help you why you got a hard rejection.

1- the length of 2:50 is too repetitive in my opinion try to make some variation with instruments or ( you can make the track shorter and more beautiful to avoid the repetitive problem)
2-make your break better and progressive, for example, at 1:22 try to remove the mute guitar and add it at 1: 38.
3-increase the volume of your snap and reverses and crashes don’t be shy of that

if I were you; I will make the track shorter— change the structure and add more variation,

otherwise, everything is perfect, quality and the mixing, the melody, the idea itself
I hope it helps
I wish you good luck with your next submission

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