What do you think? (Hard rejected)

Hi, my track got hard rejected shortly and I’m now looking for the reason. Please share all your thoughts on my project!

If it’s not playing copy this link: https://soundcloud.com/lago-910158600/initial-preview

My advice would be to shorten up the intro a little bit and hire a cello player. The samples sound really obvious.

Alright thanks! I will do that!

Hire a cello player, and if you dont have a recording studio hire a studio, it wont take you over 500$… haha nice solution from @OutLoudMusic

You don’t need to hire a cello player ofcourse.
First of all, your instruments could use some highshelf boost on highs.
Other than that, the this track is not ready yet.
Some sudden stop of instruments at beggining at 0:58 and 1:45, why this?
Anyway I think your track is a good try but is not for commercial use.
Audiojungle wants to have commercial quality songs.
You need to keep practising your music, you are on a good way.
You need to work your arrangement a little, use more sounds, background pads , harmonies, effects etc.
And work on your transitions between each part.
This track is like it has no flow at all. Sounds a bit random.
It is like its made for a specific movie scene
Need to work on that.
Dont get disapointed, you track is good to use in a movie for a specific scene, but not for commercial use in AJ.


Ok thanks for the advice, I will definitely take a look at that. I’m lucky to know a cello player so thats no problem for me ^^

excellent advice pandocrator, this the comments that we need in the community, instead of Hire a cello player jeje!