What do you think about this theme?

Hi guys! What do you think about this theme: http://demo.nobrand.team/rococo is it have a chance to get approval?

Nice work but looking more Solopine’ish :wink: Reviewer will surely ask you to change design pattern. Good Luck!


Thank you :slight_smile:

Good job and good luck i don`t see any problem in that

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I love it. I don’t know what “Solopine’ish” means but I would use this theme. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. What is appealing to one may not be appealing to another. I’m with the former. Good luck. I hope you get it approved.

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I didn’t said its not looking good. It’s a very clean and good looking theme and will sell good as well. I mean that the design is not unique and these days reviewers are looking for unique items only. Tweeting some design parts can get it approved. Solopine’ish mean it’s looking like the designs of Solopine author :wink:

@imithemes @Theme-Smile @carolofark Thank you for feedback :slight_smile: You gives me hope.

I hate to be a killjoy but I fear that will not be approved.

There is a great lack of uniqueness and on the other hand is simple and nothing creative, plus you could incur violation of the policies and terms evato

TF estadar constantly increases its quality and is necessary to adapt to those changes.

Good luck with your submission.

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Header is looking empty empty. Any ways there are some of the typo issues.