What do you think about this theme banner?

Does it look good?

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Too bland - needs more info - don’t go over the top but something useful to fill the space and make it clearer as to what it is.

I would also move the monitors over to one side to free up space to add copy etc.

Monitors etc. look very ‘placed’ and quite unnatural on the pink BG


Thank you for feedback. What do you think now?

I changed it.

While I would concentrate more on the item than the preview image, with respect it still doesn’t look very premium.

  • the logo is not great

  • devices and text are not peoperly aligned

  • the phone/ipad are illegible

  • devices still feels very forced, placed and un-natural


This’s hard to say why I feel bad with this banner. But I guess there is some problem that I need to list them down.
Background and the colors of other elements that looks don’t match each other.
The mockup, you need to re-order the position, adjust the shadows (make it more realistic).
Try to improve typography: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/search/Typography

Try to practice more.



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