What do you think about this template?

Thank you I think I got enough review :smile:

It doesn’t work

No input file specified.

I confirm that I have the “No input file specified” error message when I hit any of your pictures/links.
@emretekince Can you please update/fix that?

thank you and biggest of luck.

Sorry for mistake.

Could you check again?

Text is very hard to read, but other than that, it is ok. I am not sure it will be enough for approval though, wait and see:)

The loader and menu design were awessome.

Although I found a responsiveness issue in about us section

Readability should be improved.

Good day Ahead! :relaxed:

Thank you for feedback.

But did you test it by resizing browser?

Maybe you should test it in device mode of browser or in a mobile device.

About is okay in that case !
got issue in the heading then.
good day!