What do you think about this animation?

What do you think about this animation?


My personal opinion;

It is better to have different camera angles that are unacceptable with single camera angle.

Visually Low quality. A little more quality.

Try to make money factors realistic.

This is just the example of how the camera angles can change while the coins are hanging in the air in slow motion.

Not ready, needs alot of work.


The first one second appears to have potential, but then the coin gets close and there’s visible segmentation on the rim of the coin, the texture seems low resolution, there’s no texture on the main body of the coin, the logo kind of just appears and doesn’t match the rotation of the coin, the font under the logo is far too dark and doesn’t look very premium and the entirely black background seems a bit plain.

Agree with adding more/different camera angles… work on the texture of the coins, the reveal of the logo, maybe have dark and light versions etc etc. But at present, it’s very far off the standards required to be accepted.

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Hi. It looks like a first sketch of a project which needs much more work to be finished. If you´re using 3D, coins need to be more realistic about modeling, textures, light, ambient occlusion, better depth of field, etc. It would be much much better if you make several shots with different angles, wide open shots, close ups and details using change of focus, etc. And motion is too rough and abrupt, make it smoother.
Hope it helps.
Good luck!