What do you think about self-hosted collaboration cloud platform running on WordPress as a theme.

It’s an old project, initially I wanted to launch a service SAAS, but these days I started again to work on it, but now I want to be something self hosted. I want to develop a self hosted collaboration cloud platform, like Slack or Exo

I’m undecided … I want to make it run with Wordpress platform like a theme + plugins, or to make a platform and put it on Codecanyon . My question is : What would you choose to buy an application that runs on Wordpress or an individual application based on a PHP framework ?

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I wonder otherwise. :grinning: I see that nobody answered.
Do app for ThemeForest in category Wordpress or Codecanyon in category PHP Scripts ?
What generates more sales when it comes to applications ?
Or a third option to make an application in the cloud ? Example: Yammer !
What would you use to work with your team?

I hate existing self hosted collaborative applications that take too long to set up one. But the cloud SASS does not make me too happy, because I fear that someone else see my work or disscusions with my team . So for this reasons I started this project. And I left out. And soon I want to restart .

@dtbaker , you’re the expert here :sunglasses: on Codecanyon. I want your opinion. :joy:
p.s. If I do for wordpress I am grateful for your work from this post : Fully automatic Plugin Install + Default Content + oAuth Theme Updates in a Wizard. . Thank you again !

If you make something good as a WordPress plugin you will get some people complain they don’t want to use WordPress.

But you also get access to a huge market that already likes and uses WordPress.

Saas is tricky these days, you need a lot of investment compete with existing solutions, and ongoing maintenance / support / hosting / security of a system is huge when doing it on your own.

So Self hosted (plugin or stand alone php script on codecanyon) or even “free with paid add-ons” is a better way to start. The free part gets the product out there, paid add-ons helps with the bills.

Always check competition. These days there is always someone else with the same idea, and you generally only find out about them once your product launches haha.

Good luck!

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Sorry re read question. You’d get more exposure making your “app” as a theme on themeforest compared to codecanyon. It would need to have a pretty slick design. Check out some of the “support app” or “crowdfunding” themes.

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Thanks for the detailed response @dtbaker .

Design is not a problem. Actually this is a strong point for me. Therefore I considered Wordpress as a solution. The idea is simplicity. After searching for months, all the solutions are too complex, or have a design is not really friendly. And the solutions are somewhat decent are SASS. When I started this project it was the idea INTUITIVE / SIMPLE DESIGN, VERRY BEAUTIFUL and it does not take more than 5 minutes to install and configure, after I left out as I thought it’s not profitable.

Basically I did what you said.
I think I’ve tried absolutely everything on the market : HumHub, Exo, Offiria, Yammer, Slack, Bitrix, and dozens more. And after all attempts, I got on private Facebook Groups. :joy:

Eventually I will make for Wordpress. If someone knows a plugin/theme for “intranet” brilliant and easy to use… post here …