What do you think about my Website?

Hello fellow members.

I am a application developer and I just created a website for my own.
I’m really not experienced in the world of webdesign so I wanted to ask you about my website.

Is it good-looking?
Does it appeal to costumers?
Is it terrible?
What can I improve?
Other opinions?

My website is called : http://robinsteiner.com/

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

The website looks very basic. I would really improve the typography and do something more fun with your navigation. Also the ‘Go Outside’ and ‘Create’ don’t co-operate with the black&blue icons (which by the way also should be improved as they look like straight out of Paint). Also font below those icons is hard to read, it’s kinda too thin for my liking.

I would improve the sentence construction, especially this one:
“If you also want to express your personal passion on your very own website or need some images, i’ll gladly help you make your dreams come true.” It’s a confusing part of text. Right here I’m not sure if you aim to create websites, be a photographer etc. In my opinion you should separate these two, because people should have a straight message about what you do, who you are and what projects you did in the past. Straight to the point.

Also after clicking on the images they don’t zoom or anything. Are those photos just examples? Because, with all respect, they don’t resemble professional photography.

Work on the color scheme, website hierarchy, text and spacing, alignment. If you’re claiming to be a developer, you should have a pixel perfect website. What you’ve got now doesn’t make me want to order any service from you.

I hope my review wasn’t harsh, I didn’t mean to be rude :slight_smile:

1)Fonts need to be impressive.
2)There is no slider which can represent your work .
3)On click of images are not showing any popup ,its just doing nothing.
4)You need to use more Jquery for effects which can attract users.
5)Colors need to be improved.
6)Most of the users check on mobile and your site is not responisve,you may loose users who are on mobile
I can improve your site if you are interested

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