What do you think about my theme please


What do you think about my theme please

Link demo: https://ajitechno.com/wasafa/



All the same issues remain and you are clearly not taking note of the various feedback which we and other members have given you.

With respect this is still miles off the necessary standard and there are tons of free themes and templates out there which are better.

The hosting is awful and does not help your cause

The home page basics, typography, margins, hierarchy and construction needs completely rethinking

You have ignored the advice to create different layouts etc. to be competitive

The various cooking and cuisine etc blogs are the same posts (and not many of them) which feels unfinished and lazy

There’s no point asking for feedback if you disregard it every time but even then you have a long way to go in terms of refining your design and code to reach the standards for a rpemium marketplace