What do you think about my item?


Hello my friends!

I designed illustrator first time today for books and pencil different style by using adobe illustrator. This will be used for Vectors - Objects category.

A few months ago I am just begin learned it from tutorials website.

What do you think about my item? Please provide feedback and suggestion, if need more improve.

Will this my item be approved?

Many Thanks!


There is significant difference between apple and pen vs books in quality. Why is that so? Have you been following any tutorials while creating this?


there’s definitely a difference between diverse elements, some are way better than others


hi, indeed, your pencil is very good , the apple is fair but the books are not good enough in my view … . But, the good thing is that this is easy to turn it into a better version indeed, u just need more shadows and also to make the gradient look more realistic on the relief parts. Besides, for the green book, the choice of colors is not satisfying enough so that it looks realistic indeed. For the apple, i assume that if u can use the net of gradient tool, then this is going to be something much more realistic that u are going to manage to create in the end … U should also try to bring a bit more relief of hues in the leaves so that they look more “faithful to what leaves are in reality”


Thanks @n2n44!

For the book, you are right! I will try it to make more realistic and more shadow.

For the apple, as you mentioned ‘net of gradient tool’ you mean mesh tool?


yes sorry i did not remember what was the englih for that , i use to work with the french version “filet de dégradé”


u have the positive attitude to learn more and to embetter so keep this way buddy and everything will be better and better :wink: