What do you mean by unlimited downloads? Can I get Lisbeth for WordPress as part of the unlimited de

Same again.
What do you mean by unlimited downloads? Can I get Lisbeth for WordPress as part of the unlimited deal for instance. And, do you get support unlimited too?
This is all I want to know before I throw a lot of money at them?

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Subscription is only for items found on Envato Elements site, NOT for ThemeForest items or items from other Envato marketplaces. Support is not included.

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Just I would like to mention:
Items from Envato Elements don’t come with author support and item update.
Where items from Envato market (as like themeforest, codecanyon etc) come with first 6 months free support from the item author and lifetime free update download.

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Thanks for the answers guys, but Lady Luck has once more vomited on my eiderdown. I have purchased Lisbet as I said I might but the revolution slider is not installed or activated whatever. My problem is, I cannot get to the promised support. It sends me to Premium Coding then tells me I have not purchased anything and that I cannot therefore ask for support? Uh?
I have locked horns with this pit of despair before.
Help would be great.
Thanks in advance.
Also, no, I do not wish to buy any flagellation equipment thanks, in advance.
I will say, the route from the list of downloads to support I used previously went swimmingly. Lord knows why.

You can check this Help article:

Did you get it from Elements or from ThemeForest?

If you got it from Themeforest then support is included, if you got it from Envato Elements then support is not included. If you’re trying to enter a purchase code for Revolution Slider then you can’t, as you’ve not purchased it… it just comes bundled with the theme. It will still work though, you can ignore the step where you need to enter a code… that’s just for automatic updates and premium features.

I did end up buying SR even though I now see I had no need to. Even after jumping all the hurdles I still get a “Oops, slider with alias not found. I have read everything I can see and nothing helps? Also " Hi! Please activate your copy of the Essential Grid to receive automatic updates & get premium support.” I cannot work this one out? Have I got to buy even more stuff I also have for free?
Please help…

The essential gird message falls under the same “bundled plugins” as above.

You can ignore that and it will work fine without activating it but you cannot get auto updates (because it came with a theme and not stand alone).

The slider “alias” sounds more like demo content has not been properly installed and set up?

Thanks for that Charlie4282.
I am struggling with this. To start with I don’t know if I am supposed to have bought Lisbeth from Envato, Themeforest, CodeCanyon, PremiumCoding or SliderRevolution? I bought Lisbeth, after battling with lots of things I did not understand I was directed to paying for SR and then finding out I had no need to? Then, having definitely acquired 2 lots of SR I find it doesn’t work anyway, and no one seems to know how to fix it. I feel EG is going to drag me down the same route. I have some experience in writing code, but only when the explanation of what needs to be done is given in simple terms. At the moment nothing is making sense, and I cannot use my WP
But thank you very much for your comment.

You still haven’t answered where did you get the theme from. ThemeForest or Envato Elements?

Themeforest, allegedly, but I would now suggest that it actually came from Nania. You see, as my WP had stopped functioning, blank screens on edit, blank windows in Pages etc. But I found out how to rectify these anomalies, deactivate SR and EG, perfect. Everything now works with the notable exception of SR and EC.
God be praised, I think?
NB. I do hope that having spent spurious spends on SR, and even with the condition it has engendered, I can still use the WP that I was so hopeful for? I just don’t, at this moment, know how?

If you bought the theme from ThemeForest, you have 6 months of support, just contact the author and ask for help: