What do you do with older items that have zero views?

I am going through my portfolio and since i have reached 200 items last week, i was looking at what my older items are doing and if they are still gaining interest from clients. I have found out that a good chunk gains zero interest and zero views.

So let me ask you, what do you do with older items?

  • Do you put them up in another marketplace?
  • Do you update the title and tags?
  • Just leave it and perhaps someone will pick it up…
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Hi Robert,

At the end of 2016, I had ~100 items in my portfolio, and I also noticed that some of them are completely “dead” - no sales, no views, etc., etc. So what I have done was transferring this items to non-exclusive stocks, and updating tags and description of the rest portfolio. At least for this month, I managed to gross my earnings from all marketplaces for around ~25-30%, so transferring for sure reanimated a few of my old tracks and updating of live items helped a bit as well, at least for now.


I have been thinking a lot about this too @RobertSlump . Although I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, I plan to move some of my “zero activity” tracks to other markets to invigorate my non-exclusive portfolio and give these tracks a try at other websites.

Another option you didn’t mention is to include a “zero activity” track within a Music Pack to gain some new traffic that way. I’m not 100% positive it worked, but I have a couple “zero activity” tracks that sold after I included them in a pack - it just might have worked :slight_smile:

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Good idea with the music pack. I tried that once and had zero luck, but I will do it again, but more cleverly next time.

Apart from that, I think deleting old items is good practice, nobody wants old dead tracks cluttering up their profile and also cluttering up AJ

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0K dumb question: how can we tell views number? :slight_smile:


And yes, including old items with no sales in a pack sounds good to me.

Hi @MagicStockSound. There are Analytics for individual tracks. Go to the Items Details page for a specific track. The Analytics button is in the top menu, all the right to the right.


Wow, I see the light! Thanks

Hi Robert - for the last two weeks I have been updating my files and have deleted at the moment about 6 in total. I have some real horrors in my portfolio but they have sold. Also based on the search engine it seems older items fair better than new according to my sales.

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There are a lot of files to go through in your portfolio. I’m impressed that you embarked on that mission. :slight_smile:
I should do it too. So much to do…

Fascinating about the older items! Is it because they are better compositions, or because they somehow get better placings in search results?

Are you proud of the quality of the items?

If they are, i’d strongly advise leaving them there.

We’re starting to increase the number of campaigns we’re running that allow authors to nominate items for additional exposure. Perhaps it’s not getting much love through search, but If it’s a quality track it might make for a good discount or free file promotion…


All true @matthewcoxy. However, the current requirement for 4 STARS in the promotion opportunities is a non-starter for tracks that did not get much visibility through search. Perhaps it’s time to eliminate that requirement and leave it to the promotion organizers to judge the validity of the offered tracks - they are the control gate anyway. Do you think that change can be considered in the future by the Envato staff?


i changed the tags and titles of some of my older items.
cannot tell if it worked, but recently i got the first sale for a track submitted almost 4 years ago.
maybe i need to repeat the process! :slight_smile:

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I agree with you entirely.

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Definitely YES, I have been five years selling here and no one five stars rated track. It is just some unfair rule just working for the ones that praise the buyer to rate his track

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Yep, I’ve actually had this exact conversation with the Campaigns Team. I think they’re open to the idea.


That’s great to hear Matthew! Thanks for the response and thanks for carrying that message to the Campaigns Team! :slight_smile:

I think the best sellling items are the ones that selling fast straight from the start. It’s up to you to leave ones with zero sales if you’re proud of them. I got couple of sales for a 3 years old item recently, for example. You never know!

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