What do u think about my new Natural Logo Product?

horizontal version is avaible but
What do you think about the logo in the generally?
Does the project have any harmony issue?

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All below is only my personal opinion based on my 9 years experience. :slight_smile: so take it easy, I am not a judge here.

Green’s too dark - looks like rotten (not really nature like)

make it more attractive… see my example, made in 2 minutes

and tagline - make it smaller.

this is just suggestion - everything depends on reviewer opinion :slight_smile:

one more thing - I am not talking about logo - I just took yours and change it my way :slight_smile: only this :slight_smile:

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Will reviewers approve if I do this?

you never know :slight_smile:

do not base on my opinion - make your own :slight_smile: reviewers are unpredictable :slight_smile:

way way far away from my proposition. :slight_smile: do not touch “T”, and make logo “leak” for “L” - but in vector separated from letter so someone can use his own words…

just try on your own. I am nobody here to tell you what to do :slight_smile:

sorry guys but in both cases , i think that typo si not solid enough at this stage … as well as the way that the text is imbricating the illustration. I think u need to smoothen the transition between the sun and leaves and to make it more realistic with adding shadow if so … the color variation in what @Novocaina did is interesting , though in my case iw could not keep the lower part of leaves the ones falling down and looking like “a footer”

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