What do I need to do to fix my phone number on my website?

Hi guys!
I am making my company’s website in Enfold on WordPress, and I wanted our phone number to be both clickable on mobile and all browsers (as it is clickable on Edge, but not Chrome or Firefox), and responsive on one line in the upper right hand corner. I have used some custom CSS to at least move it over a bit. If you know what I need to do to achieve both of these goals, I’d really appreciate getting that from you.

Here’s that CSS:

.phone-info span {
	padding-left: 1130px;
	padding-top: 5px;

The website can be found at quantumediscovery.com

Hi @rainmachine1,

Welcome to the forums! What do you mean by “clickable” phone number? From what I can see in the code it’s just a bare text, it shouldn’t really do much.

Also, if you really want to move your phone number to the right, I would use this code instead:

.phone-info {
    width: 100%;
    text-align: right;

Please be extra careful though, this solution is meant to move phone number only. I’m not theme author and I can’t predict what effects will it have on other elements of your page, you should consider contacting Enfold theme author for more detailed support:



Thanks @lucalogos!

What I mean by “clickable” phone number is that I want the phone number to be able to be clicked on at least when browsing on a cell phone so that a user can automatically call us by clicking there.

Oh, I see :slight_smile: You need to search for following phrase on Google:

“How to make a click-to-call button”

It looks like a simple HTML solution that should work in all browsers at once.