What do I need to build a website with my forest theme?

I have bought by mistake a forest theme thinking it was the actual website for customising. Now I just have a theme and noting to put it on. What is it I actually need to bring this theme to life as I want to build a brand new website like this theme. I would be ever so grateful for some advice and direction. Thank you in advance. GillespieMC

If you mean you bought a WordPress theme then you can make it look like the demo by reading the documentation and installing the demo content which will populate it (most likely without images though)

If you need to build ‘a brand new website like this theme’ you’ll need to import the demos. The demo import fails sometimes due to server limitations, it can be very frustrating when you try to import a demo and it fails repeatedly.

What theme did you purchase and which demo would like like to import, you give me link to both I can advice you on the best course of action.

Hi, thank you for your help. It;s Native Church multi purpose theme. http://preview.imithemes.com/?theme=NativeChurch-WP I don’t know how or where to download the demo.

It’s all in the documentation: https://docs.imithemes.com/documentation/setting-up-the-demo-content/

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Hi @gillespiemc. This blog post from one of our top authors might help you to get started:

Since that article was published, it’s worth noting that sites hosted on wordpress.com can now use premium/custom themes, but that requires one of their Business hosting plans (more info here).

The blog post suggests some alternative hosting providers, and we also provide managed WordPress hosting via Envato Hosted.