What do I have to do to get the audio that plays on previews in my download?

The video templates for logo reveals etc are great, but why does the preview audio not come with the download? Please help. Thanks


The person who created the video template is usually not the same person who created the audio, so they generally do not have the right to license the audio. They are just providing an example of something that works well with their video. They should, however, provide a link somewhere in the description of their template that takes you to a page where you can license the audio.

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Perfect example - no audio listed I have no idea what audio was used :frowning: and good luck finding something so specific as the one used. Should I contact the author of the video or?

I would contact the author of the video.

Ok do you know how? I click their name underneath and only get their other vids, not contact info or a form to send them a question or such

In the sidebar for the item you should see a box with “studio_21” over a bunch of badges. If you click that it should take you to the author’s profile page, which has a box called “Email studio_21”. Or you can just follow this link:


Hey, @bestlasvegasdj!
On Elements, this is a common problem, but there is a solution :arrow_down:

If this not working you have to contact the author of the video.

Layla :blush:

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