What did you buy from Envato earnings?

My earnings are only enough to get depression :upside_down_face:

:rofl: :rofl: :joy: Then we need to put that money towards depression meds for you.

I don’t know how i feel about curved displays. How is the editing outlook for you?

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@rushay1977 : It was the best invest in gear in the last year. This display is so amazing. But I have to mention, that I msotly use it for audio editing. The most annoying thing for me - while using two displays - was the break in the view because of the display housings. The curvature of this display gives me a more covinient view.
I know, there are some people, who have concerns about the curved display for video and graphics editing. I use it also for Davinci Resolve Pro and Photoshop and I have never seen bent lines as a result of editing. Only the price - yes, I admit, it’s not cheap.