What did you buy from Envato earnings?


I haven’t posted here in a while, so I guess a lot has been bought in the meantime, but it mostly comes down to travels, camera lenses and - the most recent addition - Canon’s 5d Mark IV dslr camera.

Still far away from buying my own house/apartment though :smiley:


Buyed @ Last month Nvidia Quadro P4000, Planning to design Videohive products.


My newest purchase, with the help of my Code Canyon earnings:

2018 KIA Stinger 2.0T Premium. I love LOVE this car! She drives like a dream and is just so much fun. :slight_smile:


Did you buy it?
Or maybe you listened to @Joost 's advice and bought yourself some bitcoins ($266 in April 2013)?:wink:


1 ETH/month



I’m paying for my beach wedding at the end of the year.



Just treated myself to LG 55" curved 4K TV. Just for quality control on my 4K renders, of course. I have no intention of attaching my PS4 or Netflix to it. Honest.


That’s really great) Congrats!))


Not a big purchase, but a needed item :slight_smile:





all the best @AleFx :wink:


WOW! Congrats! :wink:


I just saw your message. You are talking like this in this manner because you don’t understand late stage lyme diseease and total food intolerance feels. MS is a joke compared to this… it’s ok I don’t mind.


I bought this bad boy when I was in the US. Now I just need to figure out how to work the thing.


This thread is a motivational kick to push a litlle harder. Glad to see a lot of people can get what they want with earnings from the platform!

Thank you Envato for this opportunity to make a living doing what we want.

I was crazy this year. I got a Gibson Les Paul Traditional, Fender Stratocaster, Roland Juno 106, get a premium Neve 1073 clone from one of the best engineer in Russia, and soon would get 1176 clone. Get a really nice Japanese Jazz Bass with Nordstrand pickups and Tone Hammer preamp for it. And literally, tons of pedals… OCD, klon, tube screamer, big muff, od-3. A lot of it.

And meanwhile I’m smart-saving for my future home.

Later this year would get 251 mic.
And a lot of travel tickets to see my family, all of my family.




cool buddy well done, happy for u :slight_smile:


have a drink for us buddy :slight_smile:

@JohnRosso[quote=“JohnRosso, post:1328, topic:14”]
Thank you Envato for this opportunity to make a living doing what we want.

what we want, really? maybe this was true a couple of years ago that we did what we wanted and that they accepted, ever since i can kind of think that we are far from this nowadays