What did you buy from Envato earnings?


You bought an apple with the $45K+ plus that you’ve made here? Must be expensive apples where you live. Or were you just trying to be clever by expressing dissatisfaction using a mildly amusing anecdote that has no actual basis in reality?

Whatever floats your boat.


Lol, you’re a smart guy. I like you. Maybe we can go for lunch sometime. If we hit it off, maybe more?


Spent almost 200k on doctors trying to heal lyme dissease and M.E. Enjoy your life guys you never know when ti might end.


Sure, but if we’re having apples, you’re paying.


Haha, good answer! :slight_smile:


Dude, you’ve already posted the video. It sucks having MS, I have it also, but I don’t feel the need to seek sympathy on public forums, especially this type of forum. Get a grip.


this is question for this guy/girls…https://videohive.net/authors/top


just WOW design :slight_smile:


sorry to hear that man … hope you get better soon


Hi guys,

Well, the earnings have been helpfull for our photo albums payouts, as the paypall payments are great for this! :slight_smile:
So, thank you Envato, all our followers and customers!
We want to keep up and providing nice features for everyone!

Best regards.


BMW E46 - Proud Elite Car :slight_smile:
I wish it was new, but who knows, maybe one day :sunglasses:


WoW :open_mouth: I’m so jealous right now!!
GJ and keep up the good work! :smiley:


Last phone was feeling a bit old skool, so I took the plunge…


august 2017.


Never knock a cup noodle… they’re pretty decent!


I do love a good cup noodle.


Absolutely! I hear they do an Argentinian BBQ version in the UK these days. Sounds pretty tasty.


20 hours until it downloads, so I guess I better do some work in the meantime. Although I could crack in to my newly stocked refreshment zone… get the creative juices flowing!


Congratulations @RedOctopus ! :slight_smile:


I decided to switch my heavy Acer Nitro V15 (which I also got from Envato earnings) for something more portable. After months of reading reviews, I got myself a Lenovo Yoga 920. It’s a great, all aluminium convertible laptop. The battery lasts all day. Intel 8th gen is also very fast. So far I’m loving it. I’ll be using it for creating light After Effects projects as well.