What did you buy from Envato earnings?


Hello my friends!!:slight_smile:
I already bought one my dream of all my life KORG KRONOS 2!
Here we are:
New photo by Synthezx music

So, next my goal is to create and improve my music studio for make more quality and good music:) Wish you all increase you sales, guy’s and girls!!! :slight_smile:


Artwork created using elements from the following flyer artwork purchased from:


Nothing yet, I have 0 sales, :joy: but at first I plan to update my PC to work more effectively.


Facebook ads!

We’re in the middle of rebranding and refactoring some of our services and we need all the exposure we can get.


as my username is veneno . So i want to tell tht i am huge fan of Lamborghini veneno so in future i will buy ths car with the earning .


As soon as I started making some earnings, I would not mind even sharing the pictures of it.


I’m level 3 in sales, I can’t buy nothing :smile:


ahhaha I’m selling so little i can only buy coffee lol


From my 2016 earnings I build small house for my son.

hope this year will be better for bigger projects.


Readme and Kant. A theme for Wordpress and one for newsletter.


Just got a new laptop.

Asus ROG Strix, i7 6770HQ, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 15.6" 3840x2160 screen, Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB.

It’s pretty sweet!


This is monster machine! Congrats!


32GB RAM on a laptop. Insane! :dizzy_face:


15,6" with ultra hd res? Is it usable without changing the DPI? :smiley:
anyway, good choice!


Invested in building a nice website for my product, obviously bought a theme from TF, attended few WordCamps, built a network with like minded WordPress devs. Planning to invest in content marketing post website launch, thanks Envato.


Mostly just re-invested it into… DAW Plugins hehe


It’s a bit weird… there’s a scaling option in the display settings with 250% being the recommended amount. So when I open a HD Quicktime video, it’s bigger than the entire screen, even though it should only take up a quarter. If I set it to 100%, that’s what happens… but everything is crazy tiny. You can barely read names of folders on your desktop.

CC2014 is my After Effects of choice, as I’ve not been keen on the way the panels work in the later versions, but I have to get six inches from the screen before I can read any of the text. The file/edit/view menus at the top are fine as the size of those is dictated by the scaling option I mentioned above, but the main body of the AE window isn’t affected so everything is tiny.

So I’ve had to begrudgingly start using CC2017. It’s all a bit crazy, maybe should have gone for an ‘old-skool’ 1080p one!


Maybe you should add this as your next thing bought from envato earnings:


You’re not wrong! Here’s CC 2017, not too bad…

And here’s CC 2014. Little bit on the small side!


haha, i asked because 4K resolution is “small” for me without changing DPI even on 32" (i have 32" full hd)
Maybe i should change my eyes :smiley:
//oh i didn’t know that CC2017 is finally optimized for all DPI settings :-/