What could be wrong with this one? [Bossa Elevator]

Hello guys!

I made a classic elevator song, typically a bossa tune.
But for some reason It was rejected, I have checked some tracks with the same features and I can not see the difference. I normally recognize when my upload does not have the quality standard but in the case I truly can no see what is wrong

Might be for the structure? Maybe the lack of drums? Is it a mixing issue?..

Thanks a lot!

To my ears, the shakers are way too loud and have way too many high frequencies.

The bass part seems busy, and the notes seem too short, so the part doesn’t really “flow”…

The piano part needs some variation, as the phrasing is the same for every chord.

And yes, drums would probably help “glue” the track together.

Hope this helps.

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Hey, t_EXTUR_a, I agree with what EightBallAudio has already said. I also think the lead nylon string acoustic guitar sound you’ve used could be a reason for rejection. In general it’s best to avoid sampled guitars in any prominent melodic part because they never sound real. If it’s not possible to record a real guitar for that part, then maybe go with a different sample instrument that does sound realistic.

Also, the shakers end very abruptly at the end, this could be programmed to be more natural.

Hope I helped!

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