What causes hard rejection ‍and soft rejection in print template ?

What causes hard rejection ‍and soft rejection ?
please give your expert opinion. Thank you

Totally depends on the item but some common issues are here https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000470786

In my experience the unofficial ones include:

  • a lack of experience, understanding (or in some cases respect) for what “premium” design/coding entails

  • rushing work which leads to lack of attention to detail and avoidable errors

  • being preoccupied with quick-win income/earning while always leads to rushed, low quality results

  • an assumption that it’s easy or that anyone can be a successful author overnight

so my quality is not standard in graphicriver ?

Without seeing the design it’s impossible to say what the issue is but that message usually reflects design that does not “premium”

If you want feedback then share your preview image here

I don’t know a lot about this category but my guess is that:

  1. generally there is no consistency behind the set and it just feels like a pile of disconnected options (like batch trying to submit lots of items at once)

I’d focus on less (and consistent) is more

  1. the one with the wide grey sidebar is breaking all sorts of design rules esp in terms of spacing and margins

ho for me hard to tell , what the problem is really supposed to be all about , especially if we consider the whole set … posting one by one would be better so that we can pinpoint all possible things to fix …

anyway here are some global observations first …u have a global issues of alignment here and there and otherwise , some items are not placed so that they are really readable indeed, yes , u could bring some originality this way but on the other hand the placement is not as cool as it could get when it comes to making the texts efficient and functional indeed … finally the biggest issue of all of all for me is that the hierarchy is rather weak in all of them … when u are expected to make some thing really spring out and be noticed at first glance if u wish …

let’s get a little more in details now

first one (blue one)
the style is globally a bit simple and can be redone rather easily and quickly as such and this is decreasing the commercial potential of this work of yours. I think that u should try to push the graphic design envelope a bit so that , this is making the item much more interesting for both review teams and potential buyers

second one thick green and blue one
i think that the most “bothering thing” with this one is that this is hard to identify the connection between the elements in the left side and the ones in the bottom right corner , u could also optimize the space on the sideway - if u want to keep the thing vertical - and enlarge the icons and texts so that they are more noticed, and bring an additional touch visually speaking

third one
the problem that i have with this one personally is that tend to believe that block on the left are really too prominent and that u are showing that u had some trouble to handle them so to speak as there is a lot of space in both sides and the actual positioning and so on do not allow u to increase texts, icons and so on , so that the thing looks original but very little functional indeed. BTW , hard to identify why the address is not having an icon being associated and not sure this is very relevant to have it here where readability looks rather hard than any other thing

4th green and “dark blue”
there is definitely a research to bring originality to the table but the fact of the matter is that it did not really materialize in terms of graphic design and that this template a bit light this way , which basically means that he could easily be redone and thus that the potential of the item is somehow rather limited commercially … pay attention about the execution in this case, i think that aligning both shapes in the left side vertically speaking would be much ore interesting visually wise

last one
well, this is a bit a combination of all i have said before indeed , the tope square looks rather like a good idea as this is valuing much the logo but if u wanna keep things like this , u also need to find a way to organize elements inside in a better way to take your item to the next level