What caused rejection of my logo?

Dear member,

Please help in detail regarding the reasons which caused rejection of my logo templates. Please give me a step by step and in depth reasoning for the problem.


It is far from the standard needed for GraphicRiver.

  • The lines are too thin and become hard to see at smaller sizes.
  • The curves should be smoother and more rounded.
  • The colour choices and effects are very strange.
  • The text is too basic, but also stretched.
  • Each preview of the logo is stretched differently.
  • The aesthetics and design of everything from the preview to the logo itself looks very unprofessional.

You should spend more time studying and practicing the fundamentals of design.


hi i am sorry to tell u just that as i guess u did your best but for me u are very far from standards … actually to get into deeper analysis, of the main problems is that the global style looks very awkward at the moment, as rather being a style , your “b” seems to suffer from major execution problems that make look far from professional enough for a tough markeplace like GR and one of its most difficult categories: the logo one. In addition, i do not feel superfluous to add that the problems that u are facing with the concerned “b” are not limited to this. There is also a real discrepancy between the b-letter and the typo being associated with the name and the tagline. Names and tagline are pretty flat and straight, when the b-letter is very curvy and has sort of eroded aspect or grunge, i do not know how to define this, anyway, they are not paired well enough to say the least … I would also recommend that u try to make decent presentations / previews in order to value your works instead of flattening your works again out of showing them in too plain environments that are even less selling or making your item look more outstanding … Pls also pay attention to the color u use … they seem to be chosen randomly and the fact of the matter is that the direct result for this is that some are not contrasting enough until u are on the verge of violating the contrast basic design principle … finally , pls keep in mind that no matter what is the category u belong to , here much effort is demanded when it comes to typo, variations, font combos, touches of originality are expected or required , this is no way just about writing a name and tagline in whatever font

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Ok. Your reply is very specific to my problem.I have jot down your valuable points and it will help me drastically in my approach. Thanks a lot.

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u are welcome :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as regard to what to do to take your item to the next level pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: good work and good luck