What cause a huge traffic drop from October 9th ?

I have notice traffic drop for more then 50% starting from 9th October !
Is anyone else experiencing the same issue ?


Same here…
I have no idea why, I’m guessing it’s all the latest changes of Envato but I’m not sure.
Not all changes are necessary, unfortunately Envato keep changing designs, and rules on every chance so this is my guess from my “few” years here.

No traffic drop here at all.

In fact the 9th was better traffic than the previous Friday, and the following Friday was even better again. Up up up…

Same here, huge traffic drop.

may that be a coincidence and that a few guys see it? or was there any reason ? hard to tell lol

Did you have organic traffic? Because there may have been an update in Google Algorithm that caused this massive drop in your traffic.