What can I expect?

I was really excited when 2 tracks of mine were nominated for the 40% off sale campaign last week.

I followed all the instructions how get ready for my own channels to promote the campaign I even threw money on facebook etc.

So guess how many sales I made during the campaign period with my two tracks…

Not a single sale, nothing, nichts, nada, niente, ничто́, zero!!

Did I expect too much???


I know other author with 5 tracks in the campaign, one sale, but not from a track in the campaign…


I was nominated for 5 tracks and also did not sell anything. None of the five tracks. Many now have problems with sales. Even discounts and sales do not help!


I was also in this promotion and got zero sales. What were you waiting for?

What do you want? Well, why? :sweat_smile:


7 tracks zero sales:)

10 tracks, 0 sales. Nooooooice. Guess there was just too much offer this year and with Elements at 16, the sale is not really that appealing. Itiswhatitism.

I guess no one reads or cares about what I write about, ever. Here is the real deal.“Sales” and “Promotions” and “Discounts” mean NOTHING, NADA, NIENTE, RIEN.

Why do I say that? Well…customers seek a specific track for their specific project and it is far more important that they find the right piece of music for their project, period.

Price of the track is secondary. If someone finds a track for $59 that they love, but another one for $5 that they think is “pretty good”…I guarantee you that if the $59 track brings their video to life more, with the right personality, vibe, and emotional sonic experience as they watch the video, 99 out of 100 times they will pay for the more expensive track.

Price means very little to professional video producers seeking a great soundtrack for their project.

Price may mean something to amateur youtubers who are slapping together videos in a very high volume, but to the professional who is seeking a track for say, one video a month, $5 or $60 will not sway their opinion too much…Only the sound track that works best will get licensed.

This is why I will never again attempt to draw interest to my portfolio by lowering my prices. It just never leads to anything positive. In fact it always lead to negative results: I simply made less money than I would have had I stuck to my normal asking standard price, which is currently 39. I have been invited by Envato to participate in “promotions” or “Sales” for 2 or 3 of my tracks in the past, and the results were no change, no extra interest, RIEN, NADA…there was really no reason to participate. I did not make more money, nor did I get some extra sales or earnings momentum on any level.

I never understood these “sales” because there are millions of sales on this market every day. It’s like someone is in a meeting and says "Hey let’s have a sale on tracks that are already “on sale” creating some warped perception with customers that they are getting a “deal” that offers them “savings”…

It’s a joke! These “sales” will NEVER help music producers on any level, they never did, and never will. You can have a “sale” indefinitely if you want…just slash your prices. Why do you even need Envato to have a “Sale” for your items?


Well, let it be a cold shower lesson to you :smiley: Throughout all the Envato sales I have participated in, none have brought any meaningful increase in sales (many times the discounted items didn’t sell a single copy).

The only thing that gave me some results were my own discounts for certain items that I was confident could sell more given the discounts extra exposure + lower price. But still this was for a single project + with the right circumstances.

I think these sales work the best for big packs of stuff - like videohive projects with 2.5k elements and so on. Else I wouldn’t get your hopes up :smiley:

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You just PERFECTLY described the entire situation on the market!