What can i do with License?

When i see for example a community website with many different functions, it would cost month of work to create such websites and i see for 30 dollara license can be buy, then i ask myself what can i do with this license?

Do i need to pay then only one time 30 dollar and i get for that 30 dollar a website which should normaly coast few thousend if you look to the work which is included?

Maybe somebody can helpt me to understand this license think how it works?

Depending on if it’s regular or extended license then you can use these as you would a very expensive custom built one.

The difference is economies of scale - anyone can buy the template and use it (it doesn’t get removed once you purchase it) so there may be multiple websites using the same design.

If an author sells thousands of copies at $50 (for example), then it works out better than if they did a one off custom project.

There are some limitations on use for certain purposes eg if a site is pay to access and you can’t convert it to another format and resell it, but generally speaking it’s still a vast potential.

You also get 6 months support and lifetime of updates (as long as the item is available) for free, which can be extended for a fee

for example, i want to create a community website, there are many templates for sale on your market. if i buy a template for 50 dollar, must i show in the code or o my site the name of the template or any infos about copyrihts?

can i change the template like i want, add or delte thinks like i want?

and how does the templates work, does it only work with wordpress or also without?

You can use a template or theme from here for your community site (if people have to pay to use it then you would need the extended license).

You can change it to your requirement without restriction, and while morally it’s nice to reference the author, legally there is no requirement.

The format will depend on the item you buy - if you want a WP theme then make sure it’s from the WP category. If you want straight up HTML then use site templates etc.

but if i want to make my website with payments why must i use extended license? and hoe will know if i use payments for my website, must i tell on which domain i will use the website?

and what if somebody download the source code and he change everythink like he want how will envato know even that the website was buy here?

In most cases, you will need to register (using the purchase code) to access certain elements of the theme or template (proving that it is paid for).

There are other ways in which authors/envato protect themselves, but these are not things that will be discussed on forums.

Of course, there are ripped versions out there but many contain malware and it’s not like < $100 is unreasonable for what someone is getting esp, as that then includes the updates and support.

To be clear the extended license is related to websites that cannot be accessed or used without payment i.e. if you want to monetize a website.

Using a file as a shop/eCommerce etc. is fine within the regular license.

FYI using envato trademarks in your profile name is not allowed, to prevent confusion with official channels.

i dont use Envato in mu username. Evato is my real name :slight_smile: what a lucky happenstance or?

what about pictures or videos which i buy here, can i use them in youtube or anywhere else like i want?

All items have different guidelines and you need to check the license for different uses and marketplaces eg themeforest (websites), graphicriver (graphics) etc.

If in doubt you can confirm with support Envato Market Help and Support