What can I do to have the reviewers accept my file for sale?

Hello to all,

I sent my first design and they rejected it, they said that it did not comply with the required quality, before sending it I read the instructions and did it exactly as they asked, they did not give me any more explanations, someone can help me with all the details required of the design before sending it

thanks for your help

best regards

Dario Carreon

You need to make an item that meets the quality standards of the site.

If you can post an image of your item on here, then we can give you some tips on what you could do to improve.

Hey LogoSuplyCo,

This can be frustrating, but we all have been there. Envato quality standards have grown over the years and nowadays your product need to be top quality to be accepted. But don’t give up, use this as fuel to improve your design more and more.